Improve Your Vocals by Using Singing Exercises

by Admin on January 21, 2013

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I created this website to help men and women willing to start singing or struggling to sing better than they already do. The easiest and most obvious answer to this problem is singing exercises. While this answer is perfectly correct, selecting and doing singing exercises properly is not that easy. There are many types of exercises that improve various aspects of singing. Choosing wisely and combining them to keep all relevant areas covered is the key to success.

Singing aspects to improve by singing exercises

Singing well is about knowing how to work the parts that create the sound for singing. Knowing your voice type really helps finding out what to listen for as you sing and what to improve afterwards. The most common voice types include soprano and mezzo (higher and lower female voice types respectively), tenor and bass (higher and lower male voice types respectively). While there isn’t much reason to prefer one voice type over another and attempt to change yours, different voice types may require different approaches for better voice development.

Correcting posture for a better sound, learning proper breathing and finding your tone are important aspects to focus on while performing singing exercises. Finding out how your voice can resonate, fine-tuning vowels and consonants, properly warming up your voice are no less important.

Types of singing exercises

I would separate exercises relevant to singing into the following major groups:

Over the next few weeks I will be going into great detail about these singing exercises and how to perform them yourself, so stay tuned.


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