Singing Exercises: Breathing Exercises For Singing

by Admin on January 27, 2013

Last time we’ve started with introduction to singing exercises. Now it’s time to focus on breathing aspect of singing. How you manage your breath when you sing can drastically change the sound of your singing voice. You can’t sing a loud phrase without using air – that is, without exhaling. Most people think of exhaling as involving air, not sound. When you sing, exhaling encompasses both at the same time. When you sing, you need to train your body to breathe efficiently throughout an entire song. You don’t want to run out of breath in the middle of a word. The breathing exercises for singing help you master breath control so you can sing through all those long phrases in your favorite songs with ease.

When you breathe normally, you automatically make a shallow inhalation and an even exhalation, followed by a pause and so on. You need to not only inhale quickly and exhale slowly as you sing the phrases of a song, but also maintain proper posture. Breathing in this manner gives you the breath control you need to sing efficiently. Because controlled breathing doesn’t come naturally, you need to train your body to breathe for singing. Keep reading for details on the breathing exercises for singing.

Breathing exercises for singing: inhaling to sing

Singing songs requires getting a quick inhalation. Knowing how your body feels when you inhale helps you quickly get air in your body so you can sing the next phrase. Use the following breathing exercise for singing to explore your own inhalation and get a feel for how your body needs to move when you inhale and exhale.

Pretend that you see someone you’re really happy to see. The surprise breath that you take feels like the air just rushed into your body. You can also pretend that someone told you something shocking. You probably just took a really quick breath. Quickly filling your lungs with air is the way you have to breathe when singing. As you read this blog further, you discover how to open your body so the breath intake is silent. You may find yourself yawning when doing breathing exercises for singing. The body gets confused with the different amount of air coming in. It’s okay to yawn when working on breath.

When you sing, you want to be confident that you can take in air and then use it efficiently to sing your song. Knowing how to open your body for inhalation allows you to get the breath in your body skillfully and with little effort. Inhaling through the nose and the mouth at the same time is ideal for singing. If you have a cold and your nose is stuffed up, you’ll be distracted when singing and your breath will sound very noisy. Instead, allow air to come in through your nose and your mouth when you breathe. Getting accustomed to air coming in through both your nose and your mouth takes some time, but it’s a worthwhile technique.

Breathing exercises for singing: exhaling to sing

Singing requires you to control your exhalation. You want to have a sustained and smooth exhalation so you can sing demanding high notes and slow phrases. To explore exhalation, try the following breathing exercise for singing. Take a breath and say “Shhhh,” as if you’re trying to quiet some noisy children. Take another breath, and this time sustain the “Shhhh” as long as you can. While saying the “Shhhh,” notice what moves in your body as you exhale. You may feel that your abdomen or ribs are moving. At the end of the “Shhhh”, you should feel the need to immediately inhale again.

When you sing and exhale, remember not to collapse your body too quickly. Keep the same aligned position that you had for your inhalation: Keep your chest steady, and have your abdomen and ribs gradually move inward as you release the breath. When you aren’t singing or speaking, you normally exhale much more quickly than you should when you sing. When you sing, you have to inhale quickly and extend the flow of air over a longer period of time. It takes practice to be able to sing a long phrase without stopping in the middle. Practice a steady, controlled exhalation while maintaining good posture.

Breathing can be confusing for a singer who’s just starting out, because you have to pay attention to so many things at one time. Different people who know something about singing also may tell you about yet another breathing method to use. More than one method of breathing is useful, so you need to explore what works for you and understand why.

I have discovered a complete system of singing exercises, which includes also breathing exercises for singing. It was created by a guy named Aaron Anastasi. His system called Superior Singing Method has been used by thousands of men and women around the world to improve their singing.

Stay with me for the vocal exercises for singing which I’m going to introduce the next time.


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