Some Easy Songs to Sing for Guys

by Admin on December 21, 2013

Considering popularity of the original Easy songs to sing article, I’ve decided to write this post focusing specifically on some easy songs to sing for guys. There are numerous differences between men and women’s singing voices. In general, women’s voices are much higher and female singers often possess “soprano” or “alto” voices. In contrast, men’s voices are usually “tenor” or “bass”, where their vocal cords produce a much lower register. Testosterone causes a man’s vocal cords to thicken and vibrate at a much deep resonating sound. Therefore it is imperative that men who are learning to sing choose the right type of song to suit their voice, as well as training their voice in order to hit higher notes so they can extend their vocal range.

Suggested easy songs to sing for guys

Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” is a track commonly performed at karaoke by men because of its anthemic chorus and recognizable opening keyboard. The vocal range of the song doesn’t fluctuate too much meaning it is an easy song for men to sing. In addition, Elvis Presley’s classic hit “Can’t Help Falling in Love” requires a relaxed and smooth vocal and sounds great if men can sing it with the correct pitch, especially if they can master Elvis’ famous vibrato. “Good Riddance” by Green Day is an easy song for guys to sing who posses a medium to high pitch and is great for training the vocal chords. As the pitch is slightly higher, it wouldn’t necessarily suit men with low “baritone” voices or voices with a lot of bass. For men who do have a lower voice, “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash is a popular choice. This classic country song requires minimal range and is easy to perfect. “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd can easily be played on the guitar and is also an great choice for guys to sing and is popular with beginners and on karaoke evenings. “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder is ideal for the middle tone of a man’s voice as it doesn’t stretch the voice much in the chorus and shouldn’t be too difficult to master.

High notes

Singers like Eric Benet, Elvis Presley and Pavarotti all had the ability to reach high notes. If you are a male who wants to reach the heights of your vocal register without stumbling, you will need to train your voice in order to so. Training your voice to sing higher notes can happen quickly if you put the practice in, even though everybody’s vocal metabolism and your voice will develop at its own pace. You may even notice a difference in the sound of your singing voice within a few weeks. Before singing any song, it is important to warm up the vocal chords. Start with a short song or nursery rhyme and slowly increase the key of the song by first singing in your lowest range and then building up to your highest. One of the ways to sing higher notes is to slowly increase the pressure you place on the vocal chords. Your vocal chords are a muscle and need to be trained, especially when trying to attempt higher notes outside of your normal range. Practicing high notes every day can help improve your vocal range quickly, as long as you don’t over do it which could lead to you straining your vocal chords and possibly cause you to lose your voice. During the first week, practice no more than two hours a day to avoid straining the voice. Begin by singing songs that are within your range, whether that be tenor, bass, alto or soprano. After you can sing these notes comfortably, practice more challenging songs that contain higher notes. Always swallow instead of clearing your throat. Bad habits like clearing the throat can actually damage the voice. Shouting should also be avoided as it can damage the part of the voice used for hitting high notes.

Looking after your voice

Some singing teachers believe that changing your diet could also improve your voice and allow to hit higher on the vocal scale. A well-balanced and nutritional diet which consists of water, tea, fruits and vegetables can prevent mucous from developing and damaging the voice. Fried foods, dairy products and caffeine can damage the voice and should only be consumed in moderation. Getting enough sleep is also important as your voice will require rest. Sleeping in a well ventilated room with moist air can help to stop your throat drying out during sleep.


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