Top 4 Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners

by Admin on April 27, 2013

Easiest Songs to SingIf you are just trying to get into singing, you probably have been trying to sing songs that are way too difficult and out of your range. When you sing a song that has too many high notes, you may possibly strain your voice and accidentally develop nodules in your throat. In this article, you’ll learn about some easy songs to sing that won’t be hurting your throat too much.

What are some easy songs to sing for beginning singers?

A Whole New World

One of the best songs to sing is A Whole New World since it has a very mellow flow and does not hurt the voice. The song is perfect for guys who do not have a big range. Even the girls who try to sing this song will find it easy even though some notes can be a bit high. The key to singing this song, whether with another person or by yourself, is to make sure that you properly add that happy tone the way the original singers do it. Overall, this is a really easy song to sing.

A Thousand Years

Cristina Perri is the singer who originally performed this song, and it definitely is easy song to sing. Be sure to listen to it to understand the lyrics and how to sing certain notes. However, Cristina does not sing too many high notes. If you are a woman or even a guy, this is a song that can be worth singing.

I’m Yours

Jasopn Mraz is known for singing this song of his, and because of its simple melody that stays the same throughout the whole song, this is one of his is many easy songs that is best for both men and women. The song is very simple and has a good melody which is fun to sing.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

This song is really easy to sing despite some of the higher notes that do come towards the middle. Diana Ross performs this song very well, but be sure to listen in on when you should breathe during the song.

Some additional singing exercises

No matter what song above you may be singing, always remember that you do need to do some singing exercises in order to sing them well. Straining your vocal cords will not allow you to sing with freedom. Just a few exercises can change your voice and its sounds.


One of the best singing exercises is to do a really loud SHHH for several seconds. When you do this exercise, it is sort of just telling somebody to be quiet by doing the SHHH sound. You should do this around five times and make each one last for around 5 seconds. Just try to let out all of your breath as soon as possible. This can help make your breath come out completely when you are singing any song.


Aside from doing the SHHH, you should try doing the ZZZ. This helps zip up your vocal cords to make them come together naturally. Those who struggle with very cord closure should be doing this. Speech coaches who help people get their talking voices back use this exercise to bring the cords together.


When you are singing a song, your goal should be to keep your voice box, or simply known as the adam’s apple on a male, in a neutral position when singing higher. If it moves higher, it will close up your throat and not allow you to sing higher. The best way to keep your voice in its neutral position is to sing the entire song but replace it with the words Mom. For example, if you were to sing A Whole New World, sing the entire in its normal melody with all of your words turned into Mom.

Singing is not really that difficult. In fact, did you know that singing is better on the vocal cords than talking? However, this is only true when you are singing the right way. The above techniques and exercises are all worth trying out to help you develop a better voice. Be sure to remember that the above songs are all easy songs to sing, and it is all a matter of listening to the songs to understand how they go.


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